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Get Your Little Piece of Paradise in Cannaland

CANNALAND is committed to a vision of the future where both businesses and real estate will exist in tandem on a new frontier involving both tangible and digital reality. Owning virtual land in CANNALAND allows for flexible ways of earning benefits and value based on the interests of the landowner.

Following are some of the ways a land plot can be utilized:

  • Access to reserved slots in each event.
  • Special events that only landowners can participate in.
  • Sale of digital or real-world assets through their land plot. Land plot owners can sell NFT assets from famous content creators by organizing events.
  • Organization of social events (hangout places). For example, concerts, streamed events, parties, etc.
  • Advertisement from sponsors.
  • Rental of their land, properties, or buildings if they don’t want to manage the activities for monetizing the land themselves.

Residential and commercial properties will be available to develop within virtual neighborhoods and commercial zoned areas. Initially there are four verticals that make up CANNALAND: Entertainment, Retail, Education, and Business Services. A total of 15,000 land plots in different sizes and locations will be available for sale in limited drops.

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