Buy the Newest Metaverse Crypto Token Now: CNLT

by | Dec 22, 2022 | News

As of December 20th, 2022 the newest Metaverse Crypto – CANNALAND’s native token, CNLT – has officially gone live with 10 million tokens available in the initial round on Uniswap at an introductory price of $.12. 

Listed on Uniswap, the CANNALAND cryptocurrency will drive the ecommerce interactions in the cannabis-themed metaverse. From digital purchases to virtual real estate investments and everything in between, CNLT provides a utility and security to cannabis transactions yet to be seen in the industry. 

Unifying the cannabis market through the all-encompassing CANNALAND metaverse, CNLT will likely become the universal currency for cannabis purchases — in virtual and physical reality. Though the digital debut has just gone live, CNLT will soon expand outside of the CANNALAND cyberspace and into established and emerging cannabis dispensaries, being made available wherever crypto is accepted. 

As an Ethereum based coin, the CNLT metaverse crypto is hosted on a decentralized blockchain, which means transactions and trades are inherently safeguarded. Proof of ownership from CNLT purchases are, quite literally, more secure than land deeds!

Read on for metaverse coin basics and CNLT-exclusive member benefits — everything you need to let moths out of your crypto wallet. 


CNLT: Buying cryptocurrency for beginners

Ethereum’s major upgrade of 2022 has paved the way for a positive crypto trajectory in the coming years. Using Merge software, the crypto company has integrated a PoS, or Proof of Stake system, that uses 99.5% less energy than the previous iteration. 

Equipped with a free decentralized wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, users can start their CNLT investments and tap into the crypto market in just a few steps. 

  1. Create DeFi (decentralized finance) wallet with MetaMask
  2. Connect wallet to Uniswap for trading. 
  3. Select assets you’d like to trade, like $CNLT or $USDC.

That’s it! From there, cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs can use the virtual currency for purchasing products, tickets to concerts, real estate in the metaverse, and more in the CANNALAND environment


CNLT: Benefits for holding CANNALAND cryptocurrency 

Web 3.0 technology is still being refined before its public launch, so many forward-thinking gamers and investors are wondering what crypto will be used in the metaverse and how web 3.0 stocks will fare. 

For cannabis transactions, CANNALAND’s implementation of metaverse crypto completely streamlines purchasing and investments with one central coin. Holders of the crypto token have unparalleled safety built into their interactions because all changes are recorded on the decentralized blockchain ledger. Beyond the basics of security, CNLT investors get a range of CANNALAND perks, just for using the cannabis-specific coin in their transactions. 

  • Consumer rewards for transactions 
  • Seamless experience in web 2.0 and in transitioning to web 3.0 
  • Ability to purchase metaverse real estate and virtual assets 
  • Simplified navigation of the community events and must-see experiences of CANNALAND
  • Discounts on NFTs
  • Priority access to drops
  • Exclusive content for holders only

Now live on Uniswap, the crypto token CNLT is just one facet of CANNALAND’s monumental endeavors to consolidate and modernize the cannabis experience. Learn more about CANNALAND’s all-in-one social space and marketplace, and snag your CNLT coins right over here